Proud to be sponsors of Newcastle under Lyme Britain in Bloom.

Sponsorship on Six Bins in Lyme Valley Park.

1 hour walk £10.00.

Half hour walk £6.00.

1 hour walk 2 dogs £15.00, extra £5.00 for 3rd dogs

Half hour walk 2 dogs £9.00, extra £3.00 for 3rd dog.

Pet sitting £9.00 per hour.

House calls £3.50 per visit. (15 minutes), Half hour check £6.00

Holiday boarding charge £22.00 per day scheduled to the needs of the dog.  Small to medium size dogs.  Animal boarding.

Shower time £10.00 - Trip to the Vets £5.00 minimum fee - Trip to the groomers £5.00 minimum fee.  But please note before booking.  I am not licensed to have clients in my car only your pet.  To transport clients you need a private hire licence.

Sunday half day walking.

Clients Weekly Schedual to download.

We except either cash, regular customers bank payment or PayPal.

Before making payments please email or ring me so that we can work out your pet service package.  The fees listed are for a one-day service charge.

We do price matching

Please let me know your price structure on where you have received the information from and we will try to match it.


For new customers a free courtesy walk for your dog.

No need to buy your dog treats!  Free dog treats on every walk.

Plus a get a free box of Chocolates.

"Weekly Special Offer"

10% off all £50 dog care jobs per week. 

This works out at - 9 half hour walks per week or 5 hour walks per week.

Offer ends March 2018.