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Dog walkingIn today’s world people live busy life styles and they have little time to walk their dog.  At Muttley’s Walk we can help with this problem by providing a professional dog walking service that will care for your dog.  Our aim is to give your dog an enjoyable walk, allowing them to play, explore and receive the exerciser that they need.  We will even give your dog some treats along the way.

Why choose us?

We have three objectives in mind when caring for your dog which makes us different than the rest of dog walkers.  These objectives are:

(1) A nice steady walk in the park with your dog and allowing them to explore their surroundings while taking in the sights and smells.

(2) Always pickup your dog's waste to avoid a fine and eliminating any dangers of toxocariasis.

(3) Keeping your dog safe from any dangers, such as those that could be posed by other dogs.  At Muttley’s Walk we do not take risks and if we see other dog owners walking toward us, we will pick your pet up (if its small enough) or alternatively walk the other way or cross the road.

With these three objectives in mind, you can rest assured that Muttley's Walk will take good care of your dog and provide the right kind of service for your dog.  This gives you peace of mind that your dog will be cared for and will be in safe hands with Muttley’s Walk.  (see responsible dog owners).

Muttley's Walk staff are DBS checked.

Animal Boarding Licence.

Carl runs a great pet taxi service.  Turns up on time, waits in the vets with your pets and returns your pets home safely.  Reasonable rates too.  Most taxi’s won’t take my dog (German Shepherd) but Carl had no issues

Jo Dawson

Missy is a Siberian Husky, she his 2 years old and full of energy.  Carl takes Missy out 3 times a week and noticed a definite bond between them both.  They both go for an hour walk and with the extended leash Missy gets loads of exercise.  Missy looks forward to Carl coming and after the walk she has a well earned treat.  A great dog walker and I highly recommend Carl for anyone out there requiring a dog carer.  Full marks from me.

10 Ashenough Road,
Talk Pits

Samantha Thorley

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